Writing is my way to connect to the world. For the most part, I tell other people’s stories. In the decade and a half since I began writing professionally, I have learned that people are delighted to tell the highlights of a meaningful life or successful career- especially to someone who will retell the story well. My writing has provided me with extraordinary experiences and introduced me to interesting people. By writing about Amish businesses, I can understand how the Amish can function in the high-tech business world of the twenty-first century and, at the same time, remain true to their religious tenets. In 1996 I wrote about a Florida company that uses computer technology to know the right moment to spray orange groves for pesticides and thereby minimize pesticide use. This article made its way to Brazil, where it was translated into Portuguese. Once, I told about a man who had a massive heart attack at an early age and decided it was time to leave his high-powered job in hospital administration to become a creative craftsman making beautiful custom doors. My writing has taken me to some unexpected places. In 1999, I was invited to visit the construction site of an impressive Mayan style house in suburban Austin, Texas that already had been under construction for two years and was expected to take another two years to complete. Writing assignments give me an opportunity to learn new things. I was eager to find out about Art Basel Miami Beach, which in its second year already was becoming one of the world’s top art fairs. So in 2003 I landed a writing assignment to cover Art Basel Miami Beach and the satellite fairs that were cropping up around it. During my life I have been in contact with countless artists. I have become intensely interested the ways effective artists communicate universal truths through their art and in so doing draw others into a dialogue about life. Additionally, I am fascinated by the formula that allows certain artists and craft-artists to devote themselves full-time to their art. To that end, I am eager for any opportunities to write about art, artists, collectors, and patrons, both as a way to support their endeavors and to understand this complex process. As a writer I have begun to examine the significant relations that we have with each other. Many of the business profiles that I have written have been about family businesses, and the family dynamics always are interesting. I have had some of the best fun when I have visited businesses where a dog is an integral part of the scene, and those stories are among my favorites. Work is a critical part of life. I take delight in sharing people’s stories and the human dynamics that encompass their work.

people’s stories and the human dynamics that encompass their work.